November Spotlight - Leona Palski

This month we are shining a spotlight on Leona Palski. A married mother of two, living in the small town of Antes Fort, PA, Leona is a painter, photographer, author, and illustrator. When Leona's children were grown and out of the house, she started focusing on a lifelong passion of hers - drawing. She wanted to create something everyone loved but was also distinctly her own. She had an idea to create a loveable snowman that she might put on Christmas Cards and sweatshirts. To make her snowman stand out among other snowmen she started adding details she didn't find on others. The heart button on the scarf, a little cardinal friend, and finally dimples! Leona started sketching Dimples the Snowman in different winter scenes when her husband's boss mentioned it looked like she was creating a book. Today, Leona is the proud self-published author of five Dimples the Snowman children's books, a Dimples coloring book, and creator of Dimples the Snowman apparel. Dimples has become a local favorite around the holidays and Leona has enjoyed reading her books at her local library, hosting author's visits and signings, and visiting elementary schools with Dimples. Leona is also an accomplished painter of landscapes, animals, and pet portraits; an avid photographer who is featured regularly in local media; and more recently a digital designer with a shop on RedBubble which features her Cartoon Network approved We Bare Bears designs. You can find all of Leona's art on Facebook - Dimples the Snowman, Leona Paints, and Photography by Leona. Leona can also be reached at or you can leave a message at 570-772-9680.

Leona Palski - author of the Dimples the Snowman childrens series.

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