baresoaps Honey & Oats (Sensitive Skin)

baresoaps Honey & Oats (Sensitive Skin)


We've heard you! If you're someone who is looking for a more gentle bar for sensitive skin, this is it! Our mildest bar, honey&oats is made with just that. Honey naturally absorbs moisture from the air, helping keep your skin hydrated and fresh. The little bits of ground oatmeal act as a gentle exfoliator. There are no extra essential oils (which can be a skin irritant for some people) and this bar produces a smooth, creamy lather!

Colorant: Locally Sourced Honey

Scent: None. There may be a mild scent of honey Exfoliant: Oatmeal INGREDIENTS: Saponified Oils (Castor, Coconut, Olive, Rainforest Alliance Certified Palm*), Fair-trade Shea Butter, Honey, Ground Oatmeal

This bar comes in plantable packaging. Just wet the paper, bury it under a thin layer of soil, and watch it grow into wildflowers!
Made in United States of America