Cactus Candle - Large

Cactus Candle - Large


Each cactus / succulent candle is handcrafted in the mountains of Central Pennsylvania using a Upcycled, high quality blend of paraffin and soy waxes. The wax blend is then handpoured into handmade, concrete pots that then can be reused as planters for your future succulent babies.

A perfect mother's day gift for mom's that love plants or succulents!

Materials used:
- Upcycled blend of paraffin and soy waxes used for base (white portion) and the cactus decorations on top.
- All natural cotton wick
- 100% pure essential lavender and sandalwood oils for a light, calming and natural scent.

- Height: 3.5 inches
- Diameter: 4 inches
- Volume: 10.5 oz

Burntime: 20-22 hours